Endodontia is the branch of dentistry dealing with pulpa (inside layer) diseases.

There is a layer inside teeth called pulpa which is made of nerves and veins. When decaying reaches this layer it commonly induces pain. When decaying caused by microorganisms reach nerves they easily reproduce in this area. Tooth dies.


Microorganisms reproducing in pulpa start expanding through the tip of the tooth and form a cyst. This affects patient’s overall health too.

A root canal treatment is the solution of this problem. Root canal treatment is the cleaning of decay and microorganisms in the pulpa with special devices, and then filling the area in a way that will not let other microorganisms live and grow.



  1. FAQ-1: What is root canal?

    They are thin and narrow paths reaching from the center of the tooth to the tip. Root canal treatment serves the purpose of saving infected soft tissue.

  2. FAQ-2: Why do I need a root canal treatment?

    If pulpa layer is infected by trauma or decay, it should be cleaned to save the tooth and prevent the infection from spreading. Adults do not need pulpa layer. Its primary purpose is to help tooth growth in infancy.

  3. FAQ-3: Is there an alternative treatment?

    The alternative is extraction. An ideal root canal treatment has over 90% success rate so it must be preferred.

  4. FAQ-4: Is root canal treatment painful?

    With the modern anesthesia techniques we have now, the treatment is pain free. After the treatment, there can be sensitivity for 1-2 days if pain is present. In this case, medication will be able to prevent the pain. Your dentist might also prescribe antibiotics.

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