Dental crowns are coatings over diminished teeth, made of materials like porcelain or zirconium. Dental crowns can be used to change the size and shape of the teeth and improve strength and aesthetics.

Protecting a tooth that is structurally weakened by a factor like decaying, restoring a fractured or abrased tooth, supporting a tooth that is largely filled, keeping a bridge in mouth, fixing color and shape defects, coating the dental implant can be achieved by dental crown practices.

What are the types of dental crown?

Dental crowns are categorized by the material they are made of. Metal supported porcelain and full ceramic crowns are often used. Metal supported porcelain crowns are structurally strong but they are less preferred because they can cause coloring on the front teeth.


Materials Used

In full ceramic porcelain, materials similar to white porcelain are used instead of metal as infrastructure. Today, zirconium is often preferred. They are fairly strong and reliable so they are commonly used Since they are white, they can be made with more transparent porcelain. This provides better aesthetics. Also, they don’t cause coloring and are fairly compatible with gingiva.

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