Smoking or consuming coloring beverages like coffee and tea gradually lead to stains on tooth surface. Stains like these can be taken out with special brushes and pastes. Tooth whitening is the whitening of your yellowish teeth without any abrasing them. Tooth whitening is carried out by dentist using special whitening systems. It is a common and routinely performed procedure.

Teeth Color

Tooth color differs for everyone. Factors like frequent use of antibiotics or flouride during infancy, consumption of certain food and beverages, smoking or calculus accumulation lead to structural change of tooth color. Tooth whitening may not give perfect results for every teeth. While yellowish teeth give better results, brownish teeth may give average results and grayish teeth may not give any results at all.


Important Considerations

You will discuss the potential results after whitening with your dentist. If you have fillings, laminate or coated teeth you should be aware that their color won’t change. If you had these treatments you need to renew their color according to the new color you will obtain after whitening.

The reliability of the whitening system to be applied is also very important. It is vital to choose legal, scientifically researched and proven whitening systems.


  1. Home Type Whitening

    Your dentist examines you. If you have calculus or stains caculus cleaning and polissage is applied. Your teeth are measured, whitening molds are prepared. These molds are checked for compatibility with your teeth. Whitening is done by whitening gel put in the molds. Following your evening brushing, the molds sticked to your teeth and stay there for 6-8 hours. This process is carried for 3-4 times. You must take your dentist’s warnings on what to do before and after. Usually whitening is first applied to upper jaw. Preferably once it is done the same process is applied to lower jaw. Your dentist’s control over every step of the whitening is very important.

  2. Clinic Type Whitening

    This procedure is carried out by your dentist in a clinic environment. Your teeth are covered by protective substances and whitening gel is distributed and a special lighting is applied. After 30-60 minutes your teeth are whitened. A second session may be used depending on the result.

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